With respect to other diamond dressers, multi point dressers are easy to use and economical. These tools are used to dress grinding  wheels without profiles. There are two different types in order which type of diamonds are used and how they mounted in the tool:  1.) X-Typ: Diamonds are randomly mixed in the matrix. For good surface quality on the workpiece it is necessary to use the right  diamond grain size. 2.) Multi Single Point Typ: As in the single point dressers, we can use diamonds in 7 different qualities. Mounted like single dressers  in special shape and also possible to manufacture up to 3 layers, multi single point dressers are very effectivly to use when surface  quality is very important. Cost/Performance are in many ways better than single point dressers.  X-Typ multipoint dresser Multi single point dresser with 7 diamonds in 2 layer